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Boating Courses

Boating Courses in Naples, Fort Myers and Marco Island

Florida Boating Safety Course

The Florida Safe Boating Course is mandatory and must be completed before scheduling other courses. It provides foundational knowledge on boating safety topics. Additionally, the free online course covers rules of the road, the ATON or Aids To Navigation system, state and federal requirements, and safe vessel operation.

Florida Safe Boating Certificate

On-The-Water Power Boat Training Course

The Basic On-The-Water Power Boat Training Course will teach you everything you need to know to safely operate a single-engine boat in Southwest Florida. This training includes understanding navigation aids, tides and marine weather, nautical charts, docking and maneuvering, anchoring, GPS navigation, and safety procedures. Combining this course with the Florida Safe Boating Course prepares you for boating in Naples, Marco Island, and the Fort Myers waterways. Cost is $500 per 4-hour session.

Naples Boat Watch Service

Advanced On-The-Water Power Boat Training Course

The Advanced On-The-Water Power Boat Training Course is perfect for boat owners with larger and more complex vessels, and builds upon the fundamentals in the Basic On-Water Training Course. The emphasis for this course is on learning and understanding radar, autopilot, joystick control, twin engine operation and docking, using windlass, and understanding onboard systems. Cost is $500 for each 4-hour session.

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Rental Boat Training Course

The Rental Boat Training Course is the perfect program for trainees without their own boat who want to experience our On-The-Water Power Boat Training. Thinking about purchasing a boat? Take this course first to gain some skills, confidence and knowledge before making that big purchase. Course details, costs, prerequisites, and FAQs can be found in the full description. Cost is $900 per 4-hour session. This fee includes the cost of the boat.