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Boating Courses

Boating Courses in Naples, Fort Myers and Marco Island

Online Florida Safe Boating Course

The Florida Safe Boating Course is a mandatory prerequisite training which you will be required to complete prior to scheduling any other courses with the Naples School of Boating. This course provides the foundation of knowledge that you will need to be successful in our program. This FREE self-paced online course will teach you about important boating safety topics including the rules of the road, how the ATON system works, state and federal requirements, and the safe operation of your vessel. 


Florida Safe Boating Certificate

On-The-Water Boat Training Course

Our On-The-Water Boat Training Course will give you the skills and confidence that you need to be a safe and successful recreational boater. During this training you will learn about and practice:

  • Understanding the Aids to Navigation System
  • Tides in Southwest Florida
  • Marine Weather in Southwest Florida
  • Understanding nautical charts
  • Docking and maneuvering in close quarters
  • Proper anchoring procedures
  • Piloting and navigation using GPS and other electronics
  • Mechanical and electrical system overview
  • Safety procedures

Our On-The-Water Boat Training Course combined with the Florida Safe Boating Course will leave you well prepared to enjoy the waterways of Southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Starts at $500.


On Water Boating Lessons Naples
National On Water Training Standards

Rental Boat Training Course

Our Rental Boat Training Course is the perfect solution for those trainees who do not own a boat but would like to experience our training program. If you’re thinking about purchasing a boat but want to complete some hands on training first, you’ve come to the right place. The approximate cost to complete this course is $850. View our full course description to learn more about our program including additional costs, prerequisite training and answers to other frequently asked questions. 

Coastal Navigation Course

Our Coastal Navigation Course will teach you the fundamentals of how to navigate with paper charts. For those recreational boaters who want to enjoy coastal cruising, this course is essential for enhancing your navigation and voyage planning skills. Our program includes:

  • Understanding nautical charts
  • Plotting courses and estimating your position along an intended route
  • Time, distance, speed and fuel consumption calculations

Approximate cost is $425 for the course plus materials.