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Advanced On Water Boat Training Course

Advanced On-The-Water Power Boat Training Course


The Naples School of Boating offers an Advanced On-The-Water Boat Training Course for boat owners in Naples, Fort Myers and Marco Island, Florida. This program is designed to help boat owners become safer and more confident on the water through practical hands-on training. This is an expanded version of our basic on-water training program, and is ideal for larger or more sophisticated boats equipped with radar, autopilot, Seakeeper and other electronics. 

This program is for boat owners only. The cost of this course is $500 for a single, 4-hour session aboard your boat.


Prior to completing our training program, trainees must complete the Florida Boating Safety Course, or show proof that any NASBLA approved safe boating course has been completed. The cost of this course is free and it can be completed entirely online. Here is the link to the FREE Florida Safe Boating Course. Once you have completed the Florida Safe Boating Course and have a certificate of completion we can begin scheduling the on-water components of the course.

Florida Boating License


Our Advanced On-Water Training Course is taught by a Licensed Captain aboard your boat. This session will expand upon the knowledge gained in the Florida Safe Boating Course and prepare you for saltwater boating in Southwest Florida. All of the learning objectives from our Basic On-Water Training Course are included in the advanced course, PLUS:


  • Navigating with Radar: Gain a better understanding of how to utilize radar for safer navigation in poor visibility.
  • Piloting with Autopilot: Learn how autopilot works with your GPS to help make piloting your vessel easier.
  • Docking with Twin Engines: Learn how to control your boat in close quarters using only the throttles.
  • Joystick Operation: Learn joystick techniques to help improve your docking skills.
  • Onboard Systems: Review your onboard systems including air conditioning, electrical systems, generator, stabilizers and more.

Boats have become complex machines with many onboard systems for you to master. Let us help you gain more knowledge and confidence through our Advanced On-Water Training Course!

On Water Boat Training in Naples
On Water Boat Training in Naples


When are the courses offered? Courses are offered Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 1PM, subject to instructor availability.

Can I buy additional training sessions? Yes! You may purchase additional training sessions at any time.

How Do I Pay for the for the course? Payment is due on the day of the training. Our preferred payment method is cash or check. If you would like to pay with credit or debit, a 3% convenience fee will be charged. You will receive an electronic invoice via email prior to your appointment and receipts will be provided. 

Are there other fees associated with the course? Typically not. You will receive a customer agreement form prior to the course that explains all of our prices and fees for services.

How do I schedule an On-Water Boat Training Course? Use the webform on our Contact Page to reach out to us and let us know that you are interested. You will receive a call from us to discuss the program and answer any questions that you may have.

How many people are allowed on the boat for the training? Our course fee covers two trainees.

Does this On-Water Boat Training Course satisfy my insurance company’s requirements? Yes! Our On-The-Water Boat Training Course will meet or exceed the requirements of boat and yacht insurance companies. At the completion of the training, we will provide you with a cover letter outlining the training that you have completed in addition to a syllabus of all learning objectives that are covered during the training. 

Yacht Captain Services Naples
Yacht Captain Services Naples