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Florida Boating Safety Course



The Florida Boating Safety Course is a mandatory prerequisite training and must be completed before scheduling any of our other courses. It serves as the foundation of knowledge necessary for success as a recreational boater. This FREE self-paced online course covers essential boating safety topics. You will learn about the rules of the road, how the Aids to Navigation (ATON) system works, state and federal requirements, and the safe operation of your vessel.

If you successfully pass the final exam, you will receive an official boating safety card issued by the State of Florida. This card serves as your “boating license” and will satisfy any legal requirement for recreational boaters in the state. Once you have completed this basic educational requirement, you will be well prepared to join us for an on-the-water training course. To learn more about the courses that we offer, please visit our Boating Courses Page to see all of the programs and their descriptions. 

Course Topics Include:

Understanding boating regulations: Students will learn about the laws and regulations governing boating in Florida. This includes knowledge of required safety equipment, speed limits, navigation rules, and other legal requirements.

Safe boating practices: Topics covered include proper boat handling, navigating in different conditions, avoiding collisions, anchoring, and docking techniques.

Basic Boat navigation: Students will learn basic navigation principles and how to use navigational aids.

Personal safety and emergency preparedness: Learn about life jacket usage, emergency procedures, distress signals, first aid techniques, and the importance of boating while sober.

Environmental awareness: Topics include the importance of proper fueling and waste disposal, wildlife conservation, and the prevention of oil and fuel spills.

Florida-specific regulations and resources: The course will focus on state-specific regulations, such as manatee protection zones, speed zones, and local boating restrictions. 

By covering these learning objectives, the Florida Boating Safety Course aims to equip boaters with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate vessels safely and responsibly. 


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