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Boat Rental Training Course

On-The-Water Rental Boat Training Course


The Naples School of Boating offers a Rental Boat Training Course for boaters in Naples, Florida. This program is designed to help boat renters become safer and more confident on the water, and to help boat owners become more skilled before making a purchase. The cost of this program begins at $900. Please see the FAQ’s below for additional information. 


Cost: FREE

At the Naples School of Boating, we take boater safety and education very seriously. Prior to completing any of our training programs, trainees must complete the Florida Safe Boating Course. The cost of this course is free and it can be completed entirely online. Here is the link to the FREE Florida Safe Boating Course. Once you have completed the Florida Safe Boating Course and have a certificate of completion, you may contact us to request a training appointment.

Florida Boating License


Cost: $900

The second step in our Rental Boat Training Course is an on-water training session aboard a chartered boat. During this 4-hour session, you will be trained by a Licensed Captain with over 10 years of experience as a Boating Instructor. This session will provide you with the confidence and skill required to venture out and enjoy the waterways of Southwest Florida. The topics that you will learn include:


  • Docking and maneuvering in close quarters
  • Proper anchoring procedures
  • Piloting and navigation with GPS
  • Practical experience navigating the ATON system
  • Practical experience using the nautical Rules of the Road
  • Safety review
  • Using VHF Radio
  • How to read Nautical Charts
  • Understanding Tides and Weather
Boat Rental On Water Training Naples Park Shore


Where is the training program conducted? We conduct our training aboard a chartered vessel docked at the Naples Bay Resort and Marina. The Naples School of Boating will coordinate the boat for all training sessions, and you will then be provided with further instructions. 

What type of boat is the training course conducted with? We provide the rental training on a single-engine center console powerboat that is 22 feet in length.

What is the cost of the Rental Boat Training Course? You will need a minimum budget of $900 to complete this program. The Florida Safe Boating Course is free. The cost of our course is $500 and the cost of a half-day boat charter is $400. All courses through the Naples School of Boating are subject to changes including price changes at any time. All chartered vessels are subject to the prices, terms and conditions set forth by their management companies.

How do I schedule the training course? Please contact the Naples School of Boating and we will assist you in scheduling not only the boat, but also the instructor. During “busy season” which is November through the end of April, please expect to wait at least two weeks for your sessions. You will not be allowed to schedule any appointments until you have completed the Florida Safe Boating Course and send us a copy of your certificate, which you will be able to print out as soon as you complete the Florida Safe Boating Course.

Can I buy additional training sessions? Yes, but you will also need to pay for the charter boat in addition to our training fee.

Are there any restrictions with the Rental Boat Training Course? All training appointments are subject to the terms and conditions stated in the customer agreement, which you will be provided with and required to sign and return prior to scheduling your training appointments. Training appointments are also subject to the terms and conditions of the charter agreement. However, there a few important restrictions that we would like to point out:

  1. Our program allows for TWO trainees aboard the boat. No other passengers or guests are allowed.

  2. Trainees must have a Florida Safe Boating Certificate to operate the boat and must meet any minimum age requirements determined by the charter boat company.

Our on-water training program is an excellent choice for boaters who want to become better, safer boat renters, and those who would like to gain some knowledge and experience at the helm before purchasing a boat. If you have additional questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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