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Captain's License

Earn Your Coast Guard Captain's License

Ready to Become a Coast Guard Licensed Captain?

In addition to helping recreational boaters on their educational journey, we also help future Captains earn their U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s License. If you are interested in pursuing your Captain’s License to launch a career in boating, or just to have the advanced knowledge and skills, we can help.

How It Works

We are an educational partner with Mariners Learning System, an online, self-study course that is federally approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. The course contains all of the materials that you will need to complete your training and prepare you for the Coast Guard exam, which is also included in the course.

Mariners Learning System Offers:

  • Online Testing – no need to travel to a Coast Guard testing location!
  • Pass Guarantee – If you are not successful on your first exam, MLS will continue to support you until you do.
  • Online Access – learn at your pace and at your convenience.
  • Guidance and Technical Support – 24/7 customer support from boating experts.

To learn more about the Mariners Learning System, please use the button below to visit our dedicated landing page with MLS. If you do decide to purchase a program, please do so through our landing page, as we earn a small commission for the sale of the course. Your cost remains the same, but you are helping a small, local business. We appreciate you!

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What We Offer

As an educational partner of Mariners Learning System, we provide 1:1 private coaching and tutoring to help you prepare for your Coast Guard exam. While online learning and tools are very convenient, most people prefer a dedicated coach, mentor and tutor to help them along the way. Our tutoring services combined with high-quality online learning through MLS, creates a hybrid learning experience that most people prefer. 

The Naples School of Boating Provides:

  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions ranging from one hour up to four hours
  • Virtual coaching to maximize efficiency and convenience
  • In-person coaching for students in the Naples Area
Naples Yacht Brokerage

FAQ’s About Our Tutoring Services


Where do we meet for in-person coaching sessions?

We come to your location, or a mutually convenient meeting point. Note that the Naples School of Boating is a home-based business. We do not have a classroom facility. 

How much does a private coaching session cost? 

The hourly rate is $125 for both virtual and in-person sessions. Virtual sessions require a one-hour minimum per appointment. In-person sessions require a two-hour minimum per appointment. 

When are tutoring sessions offered?

Sessions are offered from 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. We only provide tutoring from May 1st through the end of September. For the remaining months of the year, we are fully focused on our recreational boating courses and programs. 

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for a Captain’s License? 

That’s a very important question to ask before committing to this course and our tutoring sessions. Please take the time to read the Guide to Earning Your Captain’s License created by our partners at Mariners Learning System. 


If you have additional questions, please click the contact button below. 

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