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Coastal Navigation Course

Coastal Navigation Course in Naples and Marco Island

Coastal Navigation Course


This comprehensive course is taught aboard your boat, and is an excellent opportunity to learn and maximize your Garmin, Simrad or Raymarine GPS in addition to Navionics. Planning a trip to the Keys, East Coast of Florida or the Bahamas? We will walk you through the entire planning process so that you can navigate with confidence. Please review the course description and the FAQ’s below for additional information. The cost of the course is $500.

Naples Navigation Course

Coastal Navigation Course Topics


Part One: Navigation Resources

The first part of the course will present students with and reference materials and resources necessary for coastal navigation. These resources include:

  • US Coast Pilot
  • US Coast Guard Light List
  • NOAA Charts
  • NOAA Weather
  • PredictWind Mobile Application
  • Navionics Mobile Application


Part Two: Paper Chart Basics

The second part of the course will provide students with the ability to understand paper nautical charts and to perform the basic navigation activities including:

  • Determine latitude and longitude
  • Measure distances
  • Understand the Aids To Navigation (ATON’s)
  • Understand depths and contours
  • Determine True and Magnetic North
  • Create a basic plot line
  • Understand tides and currents
  • Identify territorial boundary lines


Part Three: Electronic Navigation

The third and final portion of the course focuses on electronic navigation using both Navionics and the installed GPS aboard the boat. The student will master the following skills during this section of the course:

  • Reading electronic nautical charts including colors, water depth and Aids to Navigation (ATON’s)
  • Finding tides and currents on your GPS and Navionics
  • Creating waypoints
  • Plotting manual and automatic navigation routes
  • Determine restricted areas
  • Calculate time, distance speed and fuel consumption
  • Making weather decisions

The Coastal Navigation Course will prepare students for traveling to destinations throughout Southwest Florida. As part of the training students will create a comprehensive navigational plan for a voyage from Naples to the Florida Keys. Completing this course will help trainees to maximize their use of and confidence with marine electronics. As we continue to rely on electronic means for safe navigation, this is a valuable training session for all boaters, including those with smaller sized boats who want a more extensive training on navigation and marine electronics. 


Naples Navigation Course

FAQ’s About The Course


What is the prerequisite training requirement for the course?

A Florida Safe Boating Course or any NASBLA approved course should be completed first. 

How much does the course cost?

Price of the course is $500.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This is a private 4-hour session completed aboard your boat.

How many people can participate in the course?

The course fee covers two trainees.

Do you provide any technical support for my electronics? 

No, we do not provide any technical assistance, troubleshooting or software updates. 

Coastal Boat Navigation Course