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At the Naples School of Boating, our mission is to make you a confident and successful recreational boater. We do that by taking an overwhelming amount of knowledge and information and breaking it down into simple steps and easy to remember tips. Our coaching and mentoring will help to ease your fears and concerns, but also push you to achieve greater success. All on-water trainings are conducted on your boat, so that you may become proficient and confident aboard your vessel.

Our Training Process

Step One: Complete the Florida Safe Boating Course.This fundamental course provides the foundation of knowledge that you will need to complete your on-water training program. This course is a prerequisite for the on-water training and a certificate of completion is required.

Step Two: Complete the first on-water training session, which covers everything you need to know including docking, anchoring, piloting, navigation, GPS, weather, mechanical and electrical systems, safety, and much more.

Step Three: Complete the second on-water training, which is intended to be a focus session. During this time we will work to solidify the knowledge gained in session one, focus on areas where skill enhancement is needed, and address any additional concerns that you may have.

The example above is based on a 30 foot powerboat and two trainees of limited experience. The size and complexity of the vessel and the skill level of the trainees will determine the number of lessons required to achieve your goals. Submit our Customer Registration Form and we will create the right training plan for you.


What It Costs

Our training program begins at a $225 commitment for a single lesson. Please view our Fee Schedule to learn more. 


Start Learning Today!

Please visit our Customer Registration Page to sign up as a new customer. We look forward to helping you build a training plan that’s right for you.