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Online Boating Courses

Our Online Boating Classes Make Learning Fun and Interactive!


We are best known for our On-The-Water Training Course but our online boating classes can help you become safer and more confident by covering topics that most boaters want to learn more about. Here is the list of online boating courses that we are currently offering:


The Florida Safe Boating Course is a mandatory prerequisite training which you will be required to complete prior to scheduling any other courses with the Naples School of Boating. This course provides the foundation of knowledge that you will need to be successful in our program. This FREE self-paced online course will teach you about important boating safety topics including the rules of the road, how the Aids to Navigation (ATON) system works, state and federal requirements, and the safe operation of your vessel.

If you would prefer an in-person class to complete your Florida Boating Safety Course, or would like to choose a different online course, you MUST choose one from the list provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Only the List of Approved Courses will satisfy your requirement to complete a safe boating course. All safe boating courses must be approved by the State of Florida and NASBLA, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. 

Once you have completed this basic education requirement, you may schedule appointments for the On-Water Boat Training Course, Coastal Boat Navigation Course, or the Boat Rental Training Course. 



Our On-Water Boat Training Course is the next step after completing the basic safe boating course. This training program will teach you about weather, tides, navigation, marine GPS, docking, anchoring and so much more. Please visit our course description page for more information.



For those boaters who are planning to take longer voyages, we recommend completing our Coastal Boat Navigation Course to gain a deeper understanding of nautical charts, coastal piloting, estimating your latitude and longitude position and voyage planning. Please visit our course description page to learn more about this course. 



For those trainees who are not boat owners and would like to complete our on-the-water training course, we offer the Rental Boat Training Course. For more information about this program please visit our course description page.

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