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Boat Insurance Training Course

Our On-The-Water Boat Training Course Exceeds Insurance Company Requirements


The Naples School of Boating offers an On-The-Water Boat Training Course that will meet or exceed the requirements of boat and yacht insurance companies. Increasingly, marine insurance companies are requiring recreational boaters to complete on-the-water training in addition to classroom based safe boating courses as a condition of insurability. We can help you meet these requirements, become confident at the helm of your new boat, and potentially reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. At the completion of the training, we will provide you with a cover letter outlining the training that you have completed in addition to a syllabus of all learning objectives that are covered during the training. 

Typically, boat insurance companies require a minimum level of demonstrated competency in the safe operation of the vessel. In addition, they may require a certain amount of time for on-the-water training which can range anywhere from 10 to as much as 30 hours. The experience level of the newly insured operator and the insured value of the vessel are both factors that insurance companies use to determine this requirement. Other factors include internal underwriting guidelines, prior claims and the moored location of the vessel. 

While it may initially feel burdensome to have these requirements imposed by an insurance company, we believe that this is an opportunity for boaters to gain the practical, hands-on training that they need to be safe and successful on the water for years to come. We also see this trend increasing and including smaller sized vessels. 

Our On-Water-Boat Training Course follows the national education standards established by the Coast Guard and is widely accepted by boat and yacht insurance companies. All classes and courses at the Naples School of Boating are taught by a Licensed Captain with more than a decade of experience a boating instructor. 

For more information about our program, please visit our On-Water Boat Training Course page. If you have additional questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.