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Choosing a Safe Boating Course in Florida is easy if you follow these simple guidelines.

Florida, like most other states, has a basic education requirement for recreational boaters. If you were born on or after January 1st 1988, the law requires that you complete a basic safe boating class and pass a competency exam to operate a vessel on Florida waterways. Even if you were born before the requirement date, taking a basic safe boating class is an important step in becoming a safe and confident recreational boater. You will learn the nautical rules of the road, how the Aids to Navigation System works, requirements for safety gear and so much more.

Choose Your Format

Each state has its own rules about how classes must be taught. In Florida, the classes can be completed in a classroom setting or online. Either way, the courses must meet the minimum time and educational standards established by the state. So the first step is to decide which method of learning will best suit you.

Be Sure the Course is NASBLA Approved

NASBLA, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators is the organization that oversees all safe boating courses for all states. They work in conjunction with each state to ensure consistency in boater education, safety and training. If a course is not approved by NASBLA, it will not be approved for use in any state. Florida, like all other states, maintains a published list of boating courses that are NASBLA and state approved. The full list of Florida Approved Courses can be found here.

FREE Florida Boating Course

If you like the idea of completing your boating course online and at your own pace, BoatUS Foundation offers a free course approved for use in the State of Florida. I have personally taken this course and I give it an A+ for it’s graphics, sequence of information and ease of understanding the learning objectives. What could be better than free and excellent, right? Take the FREE Florida Safe Boating Course!

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Frank Lecardo