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Effective April 1st 2021, operators of vessels that are less than 26 feet in length must use their safety lanyard, or Engine Cut-Off Switch (ECOS) while the boat is in operation beyond displacement speed.

Naples, Florida has a wide range of boating activities with boats of all different sizes. But many of the boats in the Naples and Marco Island area are less than 26 feet, as they are used for shallow water fishing, inshore boating and are easily trailered. If you are one of those boaters, myself included, please be aware that you are now required to utilize your safety “kill switch” when operating the vessel.

To learn more about the new law and the specifics of the requirement, please see the official Coast Guard Announcement. You may also read the Coast Guard FAQ’s regarding Engine Cut-Off Switches.

Also, remember to make sure your kill switch is working properly. What’s the point of wearing it if it doesn’t work!

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas.


Capt. Frank

Photo Credit: US Coast Guard